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16 ch Digital Audio Processor


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The AUDIO PROCESSOR support 16-ch analog Audio and 1 USB extended recording channel. It provides function of feedback canceller, noise canceller, the echo canceller etc., reducing quality sound,is mainly used in various kinds of large sites,can satisfy the application requirements of music hall, remote video conferencing, etc.,

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  • 24bit/48KHz sampling frequency,high performance A/D D/A converter and 32-bit floating point DSP processor,full function matrix Remix features a clear voice for the user to provide superior.
  • Adjust input sensitivity of 2, high precision,a total of 21 stalls,step 3dB,the maximum input gain 60dB.
  • Efficient processing algorithm:AFC,AEC,ANS,AUTO MIXER, EQ, GATE, AGC etc..
  • GPIO supports 8 channels can be custom input /output GPIO,levels up port external input3.3~24V.
  • USB Port supports recording,the scene preservation etc.
  • RS-485 support automatic camera tracking function,easy realization of video conference
  • RS-232 bidirectional serial port:control equipment,such as video matrix, camera etc..
  • Support the functions of presupposition of multi group scene,humanized operation interface software.
  • Fast operation:web control mode,support Android, iOS system
  • 1 group of USB as record-play channel.