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USB 3x3 Video wall Controller


New product

The 3X3 Video Wall Controller is able to support the video of USB 3.0 port to max. 9 HDMI displays to finish the splicing of the whole video pictures. USB 3.0 port support max.4K resolution input and output HD video pictures to displayers.

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◆ Support USB3.0, Max. input resolution @4K
◆ Support HDMI output
◆ Support the image 90 degree rotate
◆ Support splicing mode for the Max. 9 displays
◆ Support the best resolution for displays automatically
◆ Support perfect image without stretch
◆ Support Windows 10 system and 64 bit only
◆ USB version : USB 3.0
◆ Input resolution : up to 4K
◆ Output resolution : Max. 1080P
◆ Input cable length : ≤1.5 M   USB3.0 standard cable
◆ Output cable length : ≤10M  AWG26 HDMI standard cable  
◆ Max. working current : 1.6 A
◆ Power adaptor : Input AC (50HZ, 60HZ) 100V-240V ; Output DC12V/2A